Smokey skies from Canadien Wildfires
National news has recently been consumed by coverage of serious smoke conditions emanating from the massive Canadian wildfires. Did you know that as of 6/5/23, 10 million acres have already burned? Extremely poor air quality conditions have been experienced from Detroit to Washington DC and beyond. Unfortunately, this can seriously impact people with respiratory or auto immune conditions.
Iconic New York City skylines mired in smoke make it hard for people to deny that extreme weather and climate change is knocking on our back door. Perhaps the upside is that people are considering how prepare themselves, their homes, and communities, but also consider how extreme weather impacts people around the globe, regardless of income or social status. Hopefully policy makers are taking heed as well.
Here in the Northbay, we are well aware of how smoke can travel long distances and seriously impact human health. The article below discusses the current Canadian smoke situation and ways to reduce risks.
Read an in-depth article by Ron Steffens for WILDFIRE TODAY here.